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42.1 Miles to Bayshore Boulevard is a volume of 12 books that speaks about my desire to develop a sense of place in a newley inhabited city.  Developed in Tampa, Florida while pursuing a master’s degree, the work reflects on the process of space becoming place through the act of inhabitance and more specifically the memories created.


My archive of images follows a journey that takes the viewer through the diverse fabric that makes up the City of Tampa. Starting in a natural preserve and culminating in the affluent setting of Bayshore Boulevard, the progression of photographs reflects upon a personal aching to console feelings of homesickness through an acute analysis of the city streets.


Driven by process, I photographed 12 streets in a distinct manner in order to portray my peculiar response to each given space.  Ranging from trees, architectural structures, trash, and all the way to comments about thoughts rather than images, the books become a commentary about an evolving sense of belonging through an inquiry that ultimately transforms the abstract notion of space into an intimate understanding of a temporal place.

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