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I often find my existence seems filled with a sense of boredom, and I am consequently riddled with the unnerving feeling of insignificance this state can ensue.  As an artist, the impetus for my work resides in a desire to establish meaning within this triviality by creating narratives that speak of the manner in which I react to the everyday occurrences that tend to linger in my mind.

Whether stemming from personal experiences or external social events, I examine such instances through visual investigations in which I make use of the working strategies I learned while studying architecture. There, I began to analyze and diagrammatically reinterpret spaces, poetry, paintings, and movies, among other things,  to create works that portray the conceptual manner in which I tend to translate information. 

Driven by process, rather than the creation of objects, the analytical nature of my practice yields  visual archives in which processes of accumulation and systematic methodologies of categorization serve as cathartic routes, which help me connect with and better understand those events and thoughts that impact my life regardless of how inconsequential they may seem.

Through the development of my works, I have come to realize that I gravitate towards subjects that speak to a sense of fragility—weather it be in the literal sense of the word or the brittle state of an occurrence that seems like a transient experience that weakens as memory and fades through the passage of time.

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