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I often find my existence seems riddled with a sense of triviality that brings forth a fear that every aspect of my life is on the brink of disappearance. As an artist, this unnerving feeling drives me to develop and amass archives that reflect upon the mundanity of my life.  Driven by process, I collect everyday objects and document habitual occurrences to fulfill a primal desire in which the most insignificant of personal recollections not only becomes worthy of historic merit but may also be the only vestige I leave behind.


As I accumulate images and investigations progress, I find that in the midst of my craving for some form of survival greater socio-cultural threads are revealed . I then categorize and reconfigure data to create diagrammatic configurations that speak of the architecture of my memory while also providing the viewer with a space to reflect upon the beauty embedded in the most ordinary of objects and simplest of moments.

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