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One Last Stroll


In August of 2015 I visited my father in Mexico City.  At the time,  he had become ill and I realized that after his death I would no longer stay in the apartment complex in which he lived for many years.  This notion led me to create three works that reflect upon walking the spaces within and around the complex.


The images in Running Between Saints and Bullies portray the visual chaos that signage and graffiti provoke while traversing a route between the nearest subway station and my dad’s place of residence.


In Traversing the Soon Forgotten Space, I used the river that flanks the property as a route where chronological time is dissolved and architecture and motorized vehicles become the driving visual elements that enhance the memory of the surrounding area.


Via the juxtaposed image contained in The Democracy of Night, I aim to make a statement that conveys the manner in which apartment complexes are developments in which social hierarchies become dissolved especially as night settles and its inhabitants sleep.

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