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It's OK to Look Down

This project starts through a simple walk.  Lately, my living conditions have put me in a lonely place and I tend to take walks when I am feeling down and need to clear my head; I just stroll and for the most part stare at the ground.  At a certain point, I began to notice how the ground becomes a canvas in which many elements come together to form beautiful abstract-like compositions. 

Photography at its core has the ability to transform the most common elements into compelling scenes by simply containing them within a frame.  This characteristic of the media is what compelled me to begin photographing the ground during my leisurely walks.  I began to search for fractions of ground in which vestiges of nature, weathering time, and human existence became juxtaposed to convert that small area into a poetic scene that would otherwise be considered unsightly and in need of clearing and upkeep.  The resulting images turned out to be visual representations of an inconsequential ephemeral archeology that trough the photographic process became visual narratives of my perception of beauty in the most uncommon scenes.

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