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In 1969, the year we first landed on the moon, earth’s population had reached 3,620,655,275.  In 2023 this number more than doubled  to amass 7,942,645,086 people.  With this exponentially growing trend, soon natural resources will not be able to support the basic needs of human beings - leaving us to explore other avenues to help sustain life.


Through the series Moon Landing, I question the idea that someday, in search for solutions to this problem,  we will seek to inhabit space - only to perpetuate the patterns that have gotten us to where we currently are. Assuming that this could happen, we will find that a certain elite will benefit, while the rest of the population would be left behind in an extremely polluted earth void of resources.


In the works, photographs of the most populated cities on earth are juxtaposed with images of the moon, landfills, and deforested terrains to make a statement of the ruined state this earth may be left behind.  I further abstract the images using various distorted layers to imply the ill notion that such an event would mean for humankind. 


But in the end, I have the hope that with a less populated planet, the world would have the capability of some sort of regeneration, and thus, I also include imagery of trees as a sign of rebirth within a dystopian world.

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