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I am a Mexican born  Caucasian with indigenous roots that trace back to my great-grandmother who was born in Xicotepec de Juarez, Puebla.   As a child, I clearly remember going there and visiting my grandmother, and later,  long after she was gone, I continued to frequent  this place during my teenage years.

Now a days, when I do travel home, I make it a point to visit and wander around the town photographing its streets.  Categorized as a “Pueblo Mágico”—a denomination awarded to small Mexican towns that offer a magical experience—there is definitely something about Xicotepec’s charm that I find translates into scenes imbued with irony and unique elements.

Perhaps searching to capture that which I yearn for while living in the United States, this body of work is driven by a sense belonging and curiosity rather than following a conceptual agenda.  In time, I hope the accumulation of documentary-style images becomes a testament to the essence of a place experienced through the act of seeing.  

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