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The Desolation of Then


Back in 2013, I took a road-trip that spanned the width of Texas. Starting in Orange and ending up in El Paso, the premise of this journey was to travel the backroads and photograph things that caught my eye.  At that time, I remember struggling with the fact that straight photography works were not regarded as art form, but rather were delegated to the seemingly lesser category of documentary work.

The resulting archive of photographs remained unchecked until 2018 when I curiously began revisiting the work and reinterpreting the experience through a series of works that reflect upon the reinterpretation of space and experience through the filters of memory.

Made up of various subseries, The Desolation of Then transforms images that depict the removed vantage point of a stranger passing by into works that speak of my desire to validate my own existence and understand my relationship to space as a phenomenological occurrence worthy of narrative.

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