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Vestiges of My Archeology


Vestiges  of My Archeology


Shortly after the COVID19 pandemic forced the world into a lockdown,  I began to ponder my own mortality and I was quickly struck by the realization that upon death my most lasting imprint could be reduced to the remnants of things I consume.


Conceptually driven by this idea, I began collecting and photographing vestiges of objects I use on a habitual basis in order to create an archive where the juxtaposition between natural and man-made elements not only speaks of the fragility of life but also of the long-lasting environmental impact  produced by the waste of these seemingly inconsequential products.


Within the archive, categories of objects allude to different aspects of my daily habits; a cigarette butt and bottle caps reference consumption and the poor habits that could lead to my own demise, the inclusion of feminine hygiene product residues acts an indicator of the deeper impact the female body has on the environment, while natural elements in process of decomposition serve as metaphors of death and transformation they also function as visual counterpoints that emphasize the non-biodegradable quality of that which that will remain long after I am gone. 

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